Driver Ed Instructor Training & Continuing Education

Continuing Education Course

Take your driver education instructor training or continuing education courses at Five Star Driving School.

Our new 2-hour online course is a great introduction for new instructors or a refresher course for continuing education credit.

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Continuing Education Requirements

  • Driver education instructors must complete at least 2-hours of continuing education each license cycle. 
  • You must complete the continuing education before your license expires.
  • The courses must include driver education, driving safety, or instructional techniques.

Acceptable Coursework

  • Any coursework taken must be completed, regardless of length.
  • You may take continuing education offered by a licensed driver education provider.

The following activities can also be used to meet the continuing education requirements:

  • Completion of in-service workshops, seminars, or conferences offered by a national, state, or regional organization. The subject matter must be related to driver education or teaching techniques.
  • Public school continuing education programs for teachers if the subject concerns driver education or teaching techniques.
  • Completing a school bus driver re-certification training course
  • Once every three years, the following activities can be used to meet the requirements:
  • Completion of a course provided by an accredited college or university specific to driver education or teaching techniques.
  • Completion of a drug offender education program.